Tuesday, January 8, 2008

life drawing group

Good morning and happy Tuesday to you!
I decided to stop by quick before heading in to paint. Our life drawing group met at studio last night after a month long hiatus. It was good to see painting friends again, and we had a good session of work as well. We work for about two hours, with the time normally broken into segments of quick gesture drawings (one or two minutes on each pose), a couple of poses held slightly longer (five or ten minutes) and then the remainder of the session is spent on one long pose. The gesture drawings are designed to loosen up and focus, but ironically, they sometimes turn out better than the long pose. Last night was one of those nights:) Here are a two minute and a ten minute, ----the long pose has already been 'gifted' to the garbage man!

Now it's time to go sling some daily paint.

Later, Cooper