Thursday, January 31, 2008

'flower shopping' painting, January 31st, 2008


Hey, the sun is shining on Spencer, Iowa this morning! Now, if I could just position it to melt the frost coating off the office windows! (summer's coming, summer's coming)

Yesterday I took a 'carpool' of art work to Worthington, Minnesota. The A.R.T. (northwest Iowa artist's road trip) group is having a show at the Nobles County art center. The art center is a nice space in the Worthington library building (407 12th street), with areas for rotating exhibits as well as a permanent collection. They seem to focus on local and regional art and have some really interesting pieces to look at. Also of note to those of you who reside in that area of the country, there is an opening reception this Sunday, February 3rd, from 2:00 - 4:00. So what a great opportunity: you can return your overdue library books and look at some interesting art all in one trip :)

This blog entry title alludes to painting and I have been at it more than recent posts would allow you to believe. The 'flower shopping' painting (not it's real name we assume) is becoming more interesting, despite it all. I have a Kevin Macpherson book home from the library, and when you contrast that with a Margaret Dyer tutorial from an online magazine, that I have now read at least ten times, well, yeah, despite it all. I am eager to go spread some more paint on this thing, so I will postpone telling you about the library influences, but not too long.

So, here's 'flower shopping' stage five. And I just realized this blog has no mention of stages one through four, oops. They are posted here. Time to go paint now!

Later, Cooper

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