Monday, January 28, 2008

Thursday night studio painting

Good morning!

So it's January 28th, that means Monday, and I've finally made it to a space to upload last Thursday's studio painting for you. We don't even want to think about what that means for this week's schedule :)

About the model, he had his right foot propped up on a milk crate, and for some reason, every time I put a bit of paint on it, it get's larger, which has created a rather bizarre look to the whole thing. Yes, I suppose it would help to actually paint the crate (and put a floor under the poor guy---what a novel concept, eh?) But I am actually feeling a bit bizarre myself this morning, so I believe this guy will get propped up in the corner of the studio so I can look at it now and then and be reminded that imperfection can sometimes be curiously interesting. Have a lovely day!
Later, Cooper


Austin Maloney said...

I like your use of color

Mary Connealy said...

So how's it going?
How's best-rest girl?
Where are you?
Does painting warm weather stuff like the wharf help you deal with winter?

Janell said...

I like this guy the way he - just sort of in suspended animation.